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Please review the information below and choose the meal plan that is right for you. At this time we will only being local pickup and delivery and will not be shipping meals. After choosing an option and completing the form, you will be redirected to pay a deposit of 50% for your order. Your order will not be processed unless the deposit has been paid. For alternate payment options follow this link and fill out our contact form. All meals will include a combination of your choice of 1 meal, 1 side, and 1 vegetable unless the customer asks for something different.

All orders must be in by Friday evening at 5pm and you will be contacted to schedule a delivery time for your order. All deliveries will be done after 6pm on Sunday.

If you have any questions or concerns about the meal plans please follow this link and fill out our contact form.

Meal Storage/Reheat Instructions

All meals should be stored at or below 41* until reheating.

Reheat all meals to 165* before consuming.

Individual Meal Plan Pricing

Meal Plan For 2 Pricing