I have known Costroe for over 4 years now and there has never been a time that I could not depend on him, especially when it came to food. I recently purchased a home and thought that when it came down to a house warming party, I would have time to cook the food that I would like to serve.Between moving and trying to make sure that I had everything in order,time caught up with me quickly, leaving me very little time to even purchase the food yet alone trying to cook. I was skeptical about calling him because I knew he was busy catering other events, but Icalled and he was very accommodating in making sure that my day was a success. I don\’t what I was truly amazed at how quickly he was able to give me not only suggestions and ideas on the types of food serve dat these types of parties, but also his ability in preparing the food and arriving with the food as promptly as he did. My family and friends enjoyed a variety of  delicious foods and I truly have Costroe to thank for it. Quality of food in my book is always better than thequantity of food one may get. God truly had a master plan behind the mastermind of catering…Costroe Palmer! Thanks!


Martha Webb