This year we had our family come to Tuscaloosa and we hosted Thanksgiving dinner and along with other events. For Thanksgiving we smoked two turkeys for customers and fried two turkeys for the family. On Friday we cooked Jambalaya and did a Seafood Boil including: Potatoes, Corn, Blue Crabs, and Crawfish. On Saturday we cooked breakfast for the family including: Bacon, Eggs, Chicken and Waffle Sliders, Smoked Sausage, Ham, Pancakes, and Grits. We also cooked two pans of BBQ Spaghetti for the Kappa Alpha Psi tailgate on The University of Alabama campus.

Please contact us to cater your upcoming holiday events or any special event.

Costroe Palmer Jr.
Phone Number: 205-657-0779

Joseph Terrel
Phone Number: 205-246-0666



Thank you for your continued support.